How to use the Greenland Paddle, without any of the limitations that often show up as a result of not using proper technique.

Paddling can be gentle on the body...

And you can still:

Go fast
Paddle in waves without the risk of capsizing
Feel completely in control when turning in the waves
Master paddling in currents, including going in an out of eddylines securely
Turn with ease, with a more natural way to edge and move with your kayak

Only 6 spots available
Minimum of 5 people to run that course
(you will get a full refund if we cancel)

October 23, 2021- Lesson 1 (Bring ease and speed to your forward stroke)
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

When you learn to use core muscles and keep a strong position, paddling will feel a lot easier and you will go faster. Imagine what your next adventure will be like...
Enjoy kayaking pain free by learning proper Greenland paddle techniques. This will probably be different than anything you've learned before.
Feel comfortable in the waves. The Greenland paddle is uniquely suited to keep you secure... If you know how to use the waves for support.
Improve your fitness with a full body workout that leaves you rejuvenated by learning how to move your legs, pelvis and core. You'll be amazed at how easy paddling can be. 
Bonus: Once you learn how to wear and move with your kayak, advanced skills like the balance brace and rolling become easy.

October 24, 2021- Lesson 2 (Develop a quick and powerful low brace)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

You'll enjoy the confidence in the waves that comes with having a strong body position. No kidding, it's just about being in a stable position.
You'll amaze yourself with your new found ability to be stable in the waves. And find out why the Greenland paddle excels in rough conditions.
Learn edging as a whole body movement so that you can have kayak control even in rough conditions... Without feeling like there's a chance you could capsize.

October 31, 2021- Lesson 3 (Easy and secure turning even in wind and waves)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Turn on a dime without using any force by applying what you already learned in the previous lessons.
Feel completely confident turning in the waves because your paddle is always in a position that gives you support when you need it.
Make quick turns to avoid hazards.

November 6, 2021- Lesson 4 (Navigate currents with ease and control)
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Feel completely in control crossing eddylines using the strong bracing position you learned in lesson 2.
Practice precise ferry angles that get you exactly where you want to go. And do it while feeling secure.
Imagine always seeing the easiest path. Avoid the treadmill that can be so exhausting when paddling in currents.

$597 for all 4 lessons

Only 6 spots available
Minimum of 5 people to run that course
(you will get a full refund if we cancel)