Virtual Kayak Coaching

When you take a live lesson you get instant feedback.

You can use an online course like a reference to insure you don’t go back to bad habits.

Virtual Kayak Coaching Is About Getting The Strength Of Both:

  • Take a video of yourself doing a technique, and I show you how to improve it.
  • Practice exercises to master the skill.
  • Repeat until you know you have it mastered.

Watch this quick video as an example of what you can get help with.

Who Is It For?

  • You have a camera or you can have someone else take a video of you.
  • You are serious about getting a breakthrough in your skills and soon.
  • You agree to watch the videos and practice the exercises before asking for feedback.

If you don’t get regular feedback you can easily go back to bad habits.

And that holds you back big time. You can take live lessons but how many and how often do you want to do that? If you think your brace could use a little help, do you want to pay for a one on one lesson everytime you want someone analyse it? Or do you prefer to take a video of it, we look at it together, and you get exercises to practice until you have it mastered.