HI Paulo, I've been using you online video for a few years now, starting with the layback rolling one. The most useful thing that I have taken from these videos is that torso rotation really starts at the feet and involves the butt & hips more so then twisting at the waist or shoulders. This has be a great help to me in preparing for upcoming BCU4* assessment & ACA L3 Instructor Certification Exam. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved. Your demonstrations and explanations are clear and concise and yet disclose some techniques that I have not seen in other online video courses.

Ryc Williamson
Portland, Washington

Your approach where the kayak becomes an extension of you. Instead of controlling the boat your approach is a more spiritual approach. Its different but allowed me more success and enjoyment.

Your segment on fitting the kayak to your body changed my not being able to balance brace to success the first time after fitting the kayak.  Also made a dramatic difference in success on the forward finishing roll.

Finally you identified a number of fears, failing a roll, brace, etc. and developed drills to practice which solved a problem, and gave me an  approach to overcome my fears.

Bill Faulkenberry

The videos have elevated my skill levels substantially. First, they introduced me to the Greenland paddle. So I dusted off the Greenland that was hanging in our family room and after a month I was converted to being a Greenland paddler.

The videos show how to better maneuver a kayak. For example, now when I turn it’s a stern draw and a bow rudder; it’s automatic. The rolls are one continuous sweep and sculling, bracing and edging are smother.

The videos have given me tools to continually improve my skills. It’s refreshing to learn from a master paddler.

Carl Vopal
Thiensville, Wisconsin

If you are looking to get the most from your kayaking experience and want to extend your abilities, Paulo's bracing videos will help you do that in a methodical way.   Paulo has a way of teaching that allows the student to excel at his own pace and build on prior lessons with ease.


When I first got my Greenland Paddle it was difficult for me to let go of my Euro Paddle techniques and my performance suffered from this.  Paulo has opened another world for me with his patient teaching.  I like the way the videos blend the use of rolling, bracing and sculling to form a solid set of skills that keep me from panic when I find myself in an unfamiliar, dynamic situation that requires immediate action.


My confidence has been greatly increased since I watched and applied these lessons.


Butch Chase
Juneau, Alaska

I am seeing great results with the exercises shown in the videos. I've taken rolling lessons before, but never had this success. Thank you for the wonderful videos

Jack C
Silverdale, WA

I couldn't roll or do a sculling brace before I watched Paulo's videos but now I can do both on both sides of the kayak. I'm very glad I came across his rolling program and will definitely continue to follow his videos

Julie 😀

First, let me tell you that I bought your basic forward stroke videos and at 75,now 76, years of age I did what you said to do.  (I had only kayaked once before and dug and drug the paddle using only my arms and shoulders.)  By following your guidance I developed a reasonably good forward stroke from the git go.  I can go out and paddle 3 or4 miles and really enjoy it.  I used to be a rock and mountain climber, cross country skier, backpacker, and snowshoer but have lost some of the use of my legs.  Your excellent video course has let me find an outdoor activity that I really enjoy

ST Cooper

Thanks for the great bracing vids. Very clear and helpful. ( I especially like the underwater shots. )

Steve Bullas

Your forward stroke video series are a pleasure to watch, I found that they are easy to follow and simply make sense.

You have a special way of breaking complex ideas into simple, easy to understand and useful advice.

I would recommend them to any paddler that wants to improve the efficiency of  her/his forward stroke with any type of paddle.


Your video series is comprehensive and very practical.

Paulo's courses are very well thought out and the video instructions are easy to follow. While my wife and I haven't gotten too far, we have definitely improved our paddling technique and general handling of the kayak.

I really enjoy following the exercises from the kayak rolling. It strengthens my understanding of how my body works during the rolls. Thank you very much.

Rough water domination,and forward finishing rolls have given me more confidence to paddle more challenging conditions and your land exercises help with body position and rolling this from short clips from your courses I have yet to see a full video.

I did a 40 kilometre day paddle last summer and my forward stroke was greatly improved watching your video. I paddled for about 8 hours and was not sore or tired. I used to get sore hips, feet, shoulders and wrists! I use my core and move my boat instead of moving water with my blade.

I followed Paulo's layback roll course in 1 hour pool sessions without an instructor and completed my first roll in the third hour. The next session, I did seven rolls and the one after that over thirty plus the Butterfly Roll five times. I am proof that Paulo's teaching videos are spot on! 5 Stars. And Recommended.

Your videos are making me a more confident paddler!

I don't get on the water as much as I would like, (do any of us?) but watching Paulo's videos has helped me with my confidence as much as my skill level. The videos examined and explained many of the things that are not gone over by kayaking "experts". Nothing beats time on the water when you have practiced the tools that Paulo give you.

John Marshall
Finger Lakes region of N.Y.

I do appreciate very much the practical on water presentation and explanations, they are inspiring me to try new techniques and give confidence for experimenting things, expanding my kayaking experience to a broader range, more kayaking fulfillment and satisfaction.

Bracing and rolling and being comfortable doing so are some of what I've learned from you.

As an instructor, I get inspired from your way of presenting/talking in your videos.

Just watching your videos were awesome and helpful big time...thanks

I love your calmness in the videos and have been inspired to do new strokes and take classes in Denmark

You are very clear when explaining which means that it also is easy to understand and learn.

I’ve enjoyed the little tips that I have learned that help improve my paddling skills.

Your bracing video has been very useful. This has been my first season in my kayak and feel very comfortable in my boat learning from your videos.

I have watched your videos and practiced your techniques to learn that “efficient and effortless paddling” are possible! Greenland paddles are the paddle of ease, efficiency, and comfort”!

What you have show me has given me the confidence to try. I have no support structure where I am.

What you have show me has given me the confidence to try. I have no support structure where I am.