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A unique opportunity for those who use the Greenland paddle

Very Limited Space available

The Greenland Paddle Mastery Tour

For the very first time, you’ll be guided and supported by 15 lessons of coaching and mentoring...

...With the unique 3 pillars that are needed for true kayak mastery.

Most people take lessons. Maybe a lot of lessons.

But here’s why only developing these 3 pillars will give you real skills.

3 Pillars:


Moving with your kayak

This is where we make sure you are moving well with your kayak. In other words kayaking is not some awkward thing. You move your body naturally, like moving your pelvis, and the kayak responds correctly. It’s what makes kayaking feel as natural as walking.


Keep your body strong

This is where we remove all the weak links. Like bending the arms when they don’t need to bend. Or using too much shoulders and back when you could be using your pelvis.


Multiply your effectiveness with technique

Most people completely ignore the first 2 pillars and just show you techniques. It’s like putting jet fuel in a broken engine. You don’t go far. On the other hand, when you have the first two pillars, adding that jet fuel takes your skills to the stratosphere. Fast.

it's for you if:

We have these dates available.

Most Fridays 1:00pm

4000 McAnally Rd · Victoria, BC (Smuggler's Cove)

You are purchasing 15 lessons.

Only the lessons you show up for count as the ones you purchased…but I recommend you come to as many as you can, as they will be building on each other.

Lessons expire on April 30th 2023.

We’re only taking 5 people so everyone gets a lot of one on one support.

Each lesson includes a practice session, and also some paddling for fun.

So you get to develop your skills in a natural and enjoyable way. We’ll be practicing “stay in the kayak” skills only. If you want to practice the wet exit and re-entry, I recommend you contact Yves from GoKayak.

Baines Channel offers a unique opportunity.

Because of the currents around these islands, we have an opportunity to practice and develop confidence in the kind of conditions you could experience (and want to be prepared for) on a longer expedition…

In a safe setting just a few minutes from home.

Here's a sample of the skills you can expect to have after the 15 lessons.

Stable edging

This is a foundational skill that will support your turning, paddling in waves, and currents…so you don’t ever have to feel like you could capsize. We’ll be practicing that in all 15 lessons.

Avoid capsizing in waves

When the conditions arise we’ll practice paddling in waves in a way that makes it almost impossible to capsize. Don’t worry if you think you’re not ready. After the practice sessions you’ll be getting you will welcome playing in the waves.

These are skills you will find invaluable if you like to go on multi day trips. You can’t count on the conditions to be perfect all the time. These are the skills that will have you handle the conditions with your peace of mind intact.

Stay in control in currents

You will learn how to be aware of how the currents push you around, so you can anticipate, and stay in control.

You will learn how to always know which way to ege when crossing in and out of currents, so you don’t risk capsizing. And how to use your paddle for staying on course in a way that gives you stabilility.

Efficient forward stroke

In every lesson we’ll keep fine tuning your forward stroke to make it more powerful…so you go faster and reduce the strain on your arms and shoulders.

You will learn to use your paddle like a lever instead of moving it back. Why?

Much more speed. Slower, more relaxed cadence for long distance paddling. And the ability to keep paddling hard in the waves without having to slow down to brace. Because your paddle is already giving you all the support you need.

Advanced turning strokes

You will learn and practice the bow draw, and the stern draw, to make your turning a lot more effective…without needing to use more force.

Balance brace (optional)

Finally put an end to the fear of capsizing. And get comfortable laying on the water. Use it to cool down on a hot day. Give yourself a nice stretch. Or use it as a backup for your brace if you happen to go over rough conditions.

Rolling (optional)

After you have the balance brace, rolling is really just a two step process. Easy.

About Your Teacher

Paulo Ouellet

I started kayaking with a dream to explore the beautiful Gulf Islands. After a few scary crossings I realized I was far from having the skills to keep myself safe. I was practicing daily but not improving fast enough. The day I discovered the Greenland paddle and the traditional techniques was a life changer for me. I could not believe that most people are not using this timeless approach. Even without anyone teaching me I was rolling forward and back within a few months. And soon I could do what most paddlers can’t. After 20 years of using the Greenland paddle exclusively, and sharing the techniques for others for 15  years, I have learned a lot about how to teach these skills to help people get quick results.

My favorite thing to do is helping paddlers like you go on life changing trips.

See you there!