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The Tuilik Is Designed To Keep You Warm And Comfortable In Rough Windy Conditions. It Is Made For Those Who Like To Stop And Do A Few Rolls, And Then Keep Paddling; With Dry Hair.

  • Enjoy total freedom of movement, and see what that does to your bracing and rolling skills
  • No more uncomfortable neck gasket
  • No more cold shock everytime you do a roll
  • No more getting cold when the wind picks up and starts to blow spray in your face
  • The Tuilik is not equipped with an uncomfortable neck gasket. It has an adjustable hood that can be tightened to keep your head dry even when fully immersed
  • Alternatively, you can tighten the face seal around your neck for a semi dry seal. Great for cooling off on a warmer day
  • With the hood down it is comfortable around the neck, and allows more hot air to escape then a neck gasket. You don’t have to get too hot and sweaty on a warmer day

Technical Details

  • Made of high quality Waterproof/Breathable fabric
  • Latex wrist gaskets to keep water out
  • Smooth neoprene seal on the face and cockpit coaming
  • Fully adjustable hood allows for tight fit, or loose fit
  • Customized to fit you and your kayak

“It fits perfectly and I tried it on the water doing a few rolls, sculling supports and braces. I was completely dry and did not even get my hair wet!”

– David Edworthy

Avoid Getting Hot And Sweaty

  • The waterproof/breathable fabric will keep you from getting wet from your own sweat by allowing your perspiration to escape

Know That You Won’t Get Cold And Wet No Matter How Windy Or Rough It Gets

  • There is enough room underneath the Tuilik to fit a fleece hoodie or two if necessary
  • The taped seams keep the water out
  • No water dripping down your arms thanks to the latex gaskets
  • With the Tuilik hood down, hot air can escape, and you get to stay more comfortable
  • Put the hood on and you instantly feel how well it holds the heat in
  • This garment is made for the serious kayaker, and will keep you warm in all conditions

This Tuilik is equipped with a tunnel (optional)

  • Can be rolled with a similar tunnel on the dry pants
  • If you have water in your kayak when you roll upside down, the water will not drip on your shirt and get you wet, due to the tunnel

Here is a video showing how the tunnel works.

Go Ahead And Work On Developing Your Skills, The Tuilik Will Not Try To Stop You
  • Focusing on technique is a lot easier without cold water in your ears
  • No need to go to the pool to practice rolling and bracing; with the Tuilik you can practice your roll in cold water anytime you want

Because The Tuilik Is One Piece, No Separate Spray Skirt, A Lot Less Water Will Enter Your Kayak When The Waves Are Washing Over The Deck, Or When You Practice Rolling

  • The neoprene rim of the Tuilik is effective at keeping the water out, and since it is attached to the rest of the garment, there is nowhere else for the water to come in

“His attention to detail in terms of design and workmanship is extraordinary as is his service ethic”

– Brad Atchison

“I’m wearing his paddling bibs daily, and love his Akuilisaq and Tuiliks. I can attest to the quality of his workmanship and designs. The gear that comes off his sewing machine is the best I’ve encountered… Each piece designed, hand-made, tested, modeled, and custom tailored in Canada by Paulo… “

– Daniel Longboat Shortboat

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Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Royal Blue Top/Navy Bottom


No Tunnel, With Tunnel


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6 reviews for Tuilik

  1. Anne

    Love my tuilik. Extremely well made, fits me perfectly and works on both my kayaks. LOVE that my head stays dry while I practice rolling, and the inner tunnel keeps the rest of me dry.

  2. Rich Greenberg

    As Anne says above, I love my tuilik, too. The craftsmanship is evident, the fit is excellent, and the result is a much more wearable system when combined with dry bibs than a full dry suit – all at a very reasonable price. As Paulo indicates in his videos, due to the design, it is much easier to move your core and hips and perform various actions such as paddling, bracing and rolling. After seeing my tuilik/bib combination, my wife ordered one from Paulo as well, and is eagerly awaiting it.

  3. Rich Greenberg

    Well, my wife got her Tuilik yesterday, and like me, she is very happy. We didn’t have much time, but did a quick paddle at a local lake and she loved way it worked in conjunction with her dry pants. She stayed dry and warm, and found it much easier to paddle than with a dry-suit. Like me, she was very impressed with the workmanship. Terrific product!

  4. Geoff Johnson

    I bought my Tuilik a few years ago, which was custom-made perfectly to the measurements I gave. I paddle regularly and this thing is DURABLE. All the seems are still intact after much rough use, with nothing more than a spray down and hang dry after each use. And if you’re learning the rolls in cold water, just add a neoprene or fleece cap under the hood for a comfortable session without the dreaded ‘Freezie-head’ effect! If you want to be connected to both the boat and to time-tested tradition, I recommend Paulo’s Tuilik.

  5. James Struthers

    This is the single best piece of kayaking equipment (besides my kayak), tha I have. I wear is with a pair of goretex dry pants and, one of the things that I like is that I can dress somewhat normally under it, since it is plenty roomy. It is fantastically comfortable and breathes really well. I like that it does not have the same restrictive feel as a dry top with spray skirt. Rolling and bracing are greatly simplified since body rotation is totally unimpeded.

    The build quality of this thing is amazing, with really good attention to detail and superior workmanship. I will be spending a lot of time in this thing and I really don’t think that I will wear it out. It does pool water in the cockpit area, but this is a minor issue. Oh, one thing I was worried about was wearing this with a PFD; no problem. Flexibility is still good, although I will probably replace with a lower profile one when my current one dies.

    Thanks a well-crafted and thoughtful garment Paulo. After seeing this thing, my wife started saving up for one.

  6. Richard S. Costello

    I bought a tuilik from Comfort Paddling a couple years ago and have been loving it ever since. Never could I have imagined, how instrumental this lone piece of gear would become in the advancement partly of my own kayaking & rolling skills, prior to purchasing it. Without question, it has been that much of a game-changer for me personally, when looking back on its contribution thus far. Great quality, and excellent workmanship = 100% customer satisfaction! Job well done Paulo!!

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