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For those who want a skirt that allows total freedom of movement

  • Smooth neoprene band to seal around the cockpit coming
  • Smooth neoprene band round your body to keep the water out
  • Each skirt is customized to fit you and your body for a comfortable and watertight fit
  • Made of durable waterproof/breathable fabric for comfort

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3 reviews for Spray Skirt

  1. Fred Fullerton

    I recently purchased the Comfort Paddling spray skirt because I had two primary problems with my other spray skirt: 1.) It was difficult to attach to the cockpit of my Valley Aquanaut sea kayak; 2.) it leaked.

    The Comfort Paddling spray skirt fits me and both my Aquanaut and my wife’s P&H Scorpio LV fine. It is lighter, more comfortable than the old spray skirt, and doesn’t leak. Also, as advertised, I feel more freedom of movement while paddling, performing edging turns, bracing, etc.

    Moreover, it is easier to attach the spray skirt to the cockpit on my Aquanaut. The space between the cockpit coaming and the deck on the Aquanaut is very narrow behind the seat, which also makes it very difficult to attach a spray skit. While still slightly challenging, the Comfort Paddling spray skirt is much less challenging to fit into the narrow space behind the seat than my old skirt.

    I’m also impressed with the workmanship of the spray skirt and feel as if the price is a good value for the quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one, if needed, and highly recommend the skirt to other kayakers.

  2. Bill Burton

    I’ve had my akuilisaq for several years now, and it has held up extremely well in regular use on Lake Michigan. The fit is perfect and gets a good seal at the coaming and around my torso. Like any akuilisaq, it will pool some water on the deck, but has never leaked. Easy Rollin’!

  3. Richard S. Costello

    The akuilisaq is my most recent gear purchase kayaking wise. As I am already the proud owner of a Comfort Paddling tuilik, it was only inevitable that sooner or later I’d come around and pick up one of these as well. Just like its fuller sized sibling does during the colder months, the akuilisaq has made paddling in the warmer months a complete breeze, allowing for the utmost comfort whilst I am out paddling, and when rolling too. Five stars without a doubt!

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