Rapid Brace Formula


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  • Learn how to move with your kayak to control with ease and confidence.
  • Learn how to move your body and paddle to do an effective low brace.
  • Learn to do a high brace that works consistently, even if you capsize unexpectedly.
  • Use your low brace and high brace together with confidence.

US dollars


Rapid Brace Formula


  • How to outfit your kayak so you can move with it without feeling like you could fall out. And get that connected feeling of agility for the quick brace that gives you peace of mind in the waves.
  • Get more power with everything you do in your kayak by learning the exact way to move your hips to make the kayak feel like it’s another part of you.
  • A sculling brace for the constant support you may need when going through a really rough spot.
  • Why the low brace will be your best friend in rough water. And you will learn how to avoid the hard on the shoulder bracing that can force the paddle deep down. And make capsizing inevitable.
  • A high brace that is always ready if needed for backup. If you think your low brace may not always be quick enough you are right. This easy to learn technique will turn a failed low brace into a relaxed recovery.


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