Package: All 6 Courses


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Here’s What You Get:

  • Forward Stroke With Greenland Paddle
  • Master The Layback Roll
  • Rapid Brace Formula
  • Core Skills Of Kayaking
  • Advanced Kayak Maneuvering
  • Rough Water Domination

Forward Stroke With Greenland Paddle ($27 Value)

  • Unlock your most powerful muscles-your legs, hips, back, abs...and turn the strength you already have into the explosive power
  • Why the canted blade technique is crucial for boosting your speed while keeping your paddling smooth and quiet and flutter free
  • The unique way to hold your paddle to avoid the wrist pain that can ruin an otherwise perfect trip
  • Unlock the secret to having an automatic brace right when you need it
  • Avoid the cramping legs, sore lower back, and the pain in the joints by learning to move your whole body to paddle effortlessly
  • How to adjust your foot braces so that you can use your powerful legs to drive the kayak forward with the power of a racer
  • Learn to adjust your forward stroke to make paddling in a headwind feel easy

Master The Layback Roll ($23 Value)

  • Land exercises to build your strength in just the right place, and give you the muscle memory that makes rolling automatic and effortless
  • Step by step on the water exercises will give you quick results starting with a paddle float, then transition to the paddle
  • Focuses on the few fundamentals to keep it simple and easy to learn
  • Exercises to ensure you get the right blade angle for tremendous support
  • Confidence boosting exercises that will reprogram your brain to enter a zen-like state of relaxation when you capsize, so that you can automatically roll back up, instead of panic
  • A simple trick to help you stay secure as you come up so that you don’t risk going back in the water, or even capsizing on the opposite side
  • A counter-intuitive and never seen before technique you can do with your paddle before you start rolling up so that your roll can feel more powerful, and get you upright even in rough water
  • How to adjust your technique to roll a kayak with a high deck
  • The adjustment you have to make if you want to successfully roll your loaded kayak, and feel safe on your longer trips

Rapid Brace Formula ($27 Value)

  • How to outfit your kayak so you can move with it without feeling like you could fall out. And get that connected feeling of agility for the quick brace that gives you peace of mind in the waves.
  • Get more power with everything you do in your kayak by learning the exact way to move your hips to make the kayak feel like it’s another part of you.
  • A sculling brace for the constant support you may need when going through a really rough spot.
  • Why the low brace will be your best friend in rough water. And you will learn how to avoid the hard on the shoulder bracing that can force the paddle deep down. And make capsizing inevitable.
  • A high brace that is always ready if needed for backup. If you think your low brace may not always be quick enough you are right. This easy to learn technique will turn a failed low brace into a relaxed recovery.

Core Skills Of Kayaking ($38 Value)

Advanced Kayak Maneuvering ($49 Value)

  • Learn how to find just the right amount to edge your kayak so that you can turn on a dime without the risk of capsizing
  • Learn why edging makes your kayak naturally want to turn, and how to use that to make turning smooth and effortless
  • Learn how to instinctively extend your paddle to not only give you more control, and avoid a capsize, but also to make you turn your kayak better than most experienced paddlers by using the powerful leverage it provides
  • Learn to keep your kayak tracking in a straight line so that you avoid wasting precious energy with a corrective stroke
  • Learn to blend a corrective stroke with your forward stroke so that you don’t end up losing speed every time you make a turn
  • Learn what it means to have your kayak well padded to instantly give you more control, and more turning power
  • Learn the biggest mistake people make when they add foam to their thigh braces, and how you can do it right to instantly get the control you need for effective turning
  • Learn when to edge on the inside or the outside of a turn. You will want to use the right edging for the conditions or you could end up not only wasting your energy and looking like a novice, it could also affect your safety, and even lead to a capsize
  • Learn the secret to a powerful bow rudder or crossbow rudder, and learn how to blend these powerful turning strokes with your forward stroke to make them look smooth and efficient
  • When to use the crossbow rudder vs the bow rudder. Understanding this will make your turning strokes blend smoothly with your forward stroke, and you will avoid losing speed
  • How to make your bow rudder give you a stable and tight turn that you can use even in rough conditions, without risking a capsize
  • Learn the most powerful turning stroke combination to use when turning a loaded kayak
  • Learn how to move your lower body, the part you don’t see and that almost no one talks about, to make all your turns more powerful, and feeling natural and elegant...Plus this technique will make your turning strokes naturally blend in with your forward stroke, making it perfect for making quick last second turns to avoid a rock
  • The step by step movement of your feet, your hips, and your arms, that makes the foundation for all the turning strokes
  • Avoid hitting a rock with quick last minute power turns that don’t slow you down, and blend perfectly with your forward stroke with style
  • When to lean your kayak instead of edging, and make impressively tight turns while developing superior control of your kayak
  • Learn how to do a powerful scull so that you can quickly move your kayak sideways without it turning
  • Learn the key to moving sideways fast with a powerful scull that also gives you a solid brace so you don’t end up going for a bad swim
  • Learn how to stop your kayak safely, and stay completely stable doing it
  • Learn to move your kayak backwards without feeling like you might tip over, and also use this reverse paddling to train yourself to develop greater agility and control of your kayak
  • Learn to do a hanging draw to avoid an obstacle, or to get closer to a dock, or a paddler in need. And learn to blend it to your forward stroke and your turning stroke in a graceful and natural way that instantly makes you look like a more competent kayaker
  • Learn to use your extended paddle to do more extreme leans for advanced turns .These advanced techniques will not only make you look like a great kayaker, but will also give you greater kayak control, so that you really feel more comfortable in the rougher water
  • Learn what you need to understand about how the wind affects your kayak so that you can use that to turn, instead of fighting the wind, and straining your shoulders and arms doing it
  • How to move your body weight to adjust the trim of the kayak, and make the wind help you turn quickly
  • How to edge your kayak in the waves to make your turns effortless, without feeling like you will tip over, and maybe end up swimming in front of your friends, and potentially become a safety hazard
  • Learn the little-known secret to edging your kayak to keep going straight when the wind is coming from the side, without having to use tiring pressure to keep your kayak on edge...This is a must for kayaking on a windy day
  • Learn the easiest way to get the wind to turn your kayak upwind, or downwind, with very little effort from you
  • When to use your skeg and rudder to help you, and when to avoid using it. If you don’t understand this you could end up unable to turn where you want to on a windy day, and get blown into the very place you are trying to avoid
  • Learn the difference between a skeg and a rudder, and how to use each one to maximize their usefulness

Rough Water Domination ($55 Value)

  • Land exercises will give you the muscle memory and distinction for the storm roll and other forward finishing rolls.
  • Exercise to develop the hip strength that makes all the forward rolls easy.
  • On the water exercises for smooth effortless forward rolls.
  • A demonstration of where to use each roll to make coming up automatic.
  • Confidence building exercise so you can stay calm and collected after a capsize. Even if you go over in an awkward position.