Outfitting Your Kayak For Performance

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The biggest reason why kayakers struggle to improve their skills is because they don’t have a good fit with their kayak. This course shows you how to get a good fit.

2 reviews for Outfitting Your Kayak For Performance

  1. adragondancer

    Excellent intro to custom fitting your kayak. Many kayakers don’t even know how helpful a properly fitted kayak can be.

  2. springers

    That was useful. Much of it I already knew … but, it made me realise that I’ve been “overcooking” it a bit, lately. I’ve had myself too tightly locked into my polo boat, with the result that my ankles hurt after half-an-hour, or so. I hadn’t realised how that limits the rotation of the hips … or, alternatively, compels the boat to rock from side to side.

    Makes perfect sense, of course. Gonna give it a go, this Wednesday, when I go paddling.

    Thanks. Great delivery, by the way.

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