One Day Greenland Paddle Mastery

I was reading an account of the early European exploring North America. How they needed big guns to protect themselves from all the ferocious bears and wolves that were out the get them. Of course, the first nations people were living here in harmony with nature for thousands of years.

Kayaking reminds me of that. The Inuit figured out how to be in harmony on the sea. We came along and thought we could do better. Just make a bigger blade so we can apply more force to overcome. It’s been our way to interact with nature. Up until now.

What this course is about is rediscovering the wisdom of the Inuit. It’s about learning to move with your kayak in a way that makes you feel like you are in a dance with the sea. It’s about paddling in a way that is easy on the body, to enjoy yourself more because you are dancing instead of fighting.


The focus of this course is efficiency and peace of mind on the water. You will learn how to move with your whole body to make the forward stroke easier. To make edging and bracing more natural. To make your turning effortless. You will get the fundamentals that will make it much easier to learn more advanced skills later on. Like rolling, or going from low brace to high brace to avoid a capsize when paddling in the waves. These are the skills that will make you feel more graceful on the water, and make paddling safer and more enjoyable.

$149 Each for Group (maximum 6)

$300 For One on one


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One Full Day Of Learning To Kayak With Ease With The Greenland Paddle


Meet at Oak Bay Marina 9:00

On the beach

  • We’ll start with adjusting the foot pegs of your kayak to optimize the hip movement that will give you agility.
  • After practicing using your footpegs to help you generate more hip movement you will learn how to hold the Greenland paddle to get the most power and speed for your forward stroke. And to make it quick and easy to use from bracing.
  • Next we will practice what makes the forward stroke efficient. And learn how to use your  hip power to take the pressure off the arms and shoulders, so you can paddle further with less effort. And look like you are not even working.

On the water 10:00

  • As we take our time paddling to the chain group we will be fine tuning your forward stroke. And also introducing  a low brace you can use for quick support as you paddle. This will help you feel confident with edging.
  • Before we start paddling around in the maze of islands that make up the chain group you will learn how to edge and use your hips to make turning effortless. And we will spend an hour or so practicing turning and maneuvering and getting confident edging.

Lunch Discovery island campground 12:00

On the water with the help of the beach 1:00

  • You will learn how to use a high brace to edge more for making your turns more effective. We will use the beach to insure you don’t risk going in the water.
  • Next we will practice sculling and the low brace. This will give you the confidence to use your paddle for bracing when you need to, for edging and leaning a little more to make your turns more effective. And give you a lot more confidence in rough water.
  • Now that the currents are picking up we will head back to the chain group and learn to apply what you learned for maneuvering in the currents. We will focus on efficiency. In finding and using back eddies to your advantage. And focus on smoothly linking various strokes like transitioning from the forward stroke to turning and back, for a smooth turn that doesn’t slow you down and waste your energy.

Back to Oak Bay Marina 5:00

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What is included

All gear and food included, Deposit for all included, Deposit for bring your own kayak and food, You provide kayak and food


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