Interactive Kayak Adventure

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This course is for you if:

  • Want to go on kayak overnight trips but you don't know where to start.
  • You like one night trips but the packing takes too long.
  • You like the renewed feeling you get from a vacation, but you think you need two weeks of holidays to get that.
  • You want more nature connection but can't find the time.
  • You want to save thousands of dollars by taking many short vacations close to home.

Join me on a one night kayak camping trip

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What if you could get the benefits of a 2 week vacation anytime you like?

Here's what is included in the course

Two Sections

  • 1

    11 videos taking you on a one night kayak camping trip to Discovery island.

    You start at the planning stage, and you decide the route you want to take. Where there is an option to go a different way, you get to choose, and the next video takes you on that part of the journey.

  • 2

    Made to be used as a reference

    Five lessons you can refer to anytime you want help planning your own kayak wilderness trip. Learn to plan for the trip.
    Learn how to pack quickly and hassle free.
    Learn to paddle more efficiently.
    Learn to avoid capsizing.
    Learn to choose the right camp stove for you.
    Learn about the various clothing options for paddle and determine the best one for you.

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