DAncing With nature

Multi Day Sea kayak Expeditions

What is it that makes a wilderness expedition so rewarding...

and rejuvenating?

Do you want to follow a precise plan? Or have the opportunity to be more spontaneous?

Do you want to feel safe because you know the exact agenda? Or do you prefer to have the skills and the freedom to adapt? And be safer because you can quickly pivot.

This is for the kayaker wanting to belong to nature.

dancing With nature.

It's not just about spending time in nature...It's about moving with more elegance and harmony.

It's about presence.
Inner peace.
And the skills that make it all possible.

Have you ever noticed how a beautiful place can make you forget yourself... and for a moment you are fully present.

Wouldn't it be nice to also have the skills to move with ease and confidence? So that you don't get rattled when conditions come up.

You keep your composure.

And wouldn't it be nice to have the efficiency to move quietly without forcing anything?

We focus on developing the skills that bring you the most ease and elegance. 

So you have confidence.

But skills alone won't get you that childlike sense of aliveness that brings excitement and spontaneity.

Isn't it also important to have the freedom to choose?

You see a perfect beach, and the sun is hitting it just right. You decide let's go there.

knowing that someone is keeping an eye on the big picture, to make sure we stay safe.

Kayaking becomes the practice of being elegant.

Not just a vacation to remember, but one that leaves you with more composure and resilience...and reignites your sense of wonder.

We focus on:

Applying the 19 "Dancing With The Sea" distinctions that gives you more ease, stability, and endurance.
Being prepared for the unexpected.
Max 2 clients to 1 coach to keep the trip flexible, so that it doesn't turn into a "follow the plan" kind of trip. 
Giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace .
Making room to be spontaneous, in a way that makes it more safe.
Encouraging a childlike sense of aliveness that brings excitement.

You are responsible for all equipment


Everything you need for camping.
Everything you need to cook your own meals.
All kayaks and kayak related equipment unless we make an arrangement ahead of time.

By Application Only


You provide all your gear and transportation to the launch location.

per day for one


You provide all your gear and transportation to the launch location

per day for additional group members (maximum 4)


kayak rentals

Per day