Greenland Paddle Certification

with Dancing With The Sea

The Gold Standard In Sea Kayaking 

The Greenland paddle requires unique techniques.

A lot of instructors will tell you the same techniques you learn with the Euro paddle will transfer to the Greenland paddle. I don't think so...

If we use the Greenland paddle the same way we use the Euro paddle we miss a lot of what makes it so effective. The cost is less ease and agility. And the competence that can keep you safer on your adventures.

We need techniques that translate into more competence out there in the conditions.

Some skills are too important to neglect. 

Like having an efficient forward stroke that is gentle on your body. 

And a reliable brace that allows you to paddle in rough conditions without the risk of capsizing. You don't even worry about it.

When people ask you how experienced you are what they really want to know is will you capsize if it gets wavy. When someone tells me they have this "certification" it doesn't tell me they can stay upright in the waves. 

It's about giving you more ease and finesse so you can enjoy your time in nature. 

A lot of the techniques kayakers learn are hard to learn. If it requires talent, force, or coordination, a lot of people will never gain mastery. 

For those who don't want to do it the hard way here's an easier way. A way that leaves you feeling good and fit. And competent.

A practice of how to move in nature.

The Inuit evolved the kayak as a way to move on the sea. For hunting. We can learn a lot about how to move in nature by emulating how they move with their kayak.

Level 1 (the essentials)

Efficient Forward stroke.

You paddle with your body in the strongest position possible. 

You are using your lower body to generate the power.

You're not wasting energy moving water.

Turning your kayak while staying secure.

You use your whole body to edge the kayak with ease and stability.

You feel stable as you edge for a turn.

If you edge too far you can easily avoid a capsize, without using force or risking dislocating a shoulder.

Bracing skills to avoid capsizing.

You can paddle broadside to 3 foot waves without risking a capsize. And without having to stop.

You can edge past the balance point and bring yourself in balance with no effort needed.

Getting back in your kayak in those rare occasions when you do a wet exit.

About Your Teacher

Paulo Ouellet

I started kayaking with a dream to explore the beautiful Gulf Islands. After a few scary crossings I realized I was far from having the skills to keep myself safe. I was practicing daily but not improving fast enough. The day I discovered the Greenland paddle and the traditional techniques was a life changer for me. I could not believe that most people are not using this timeless approach. Even without anyone teaching me I was rolling forward and back within a few months. And soon I could do what most paddlers can't. After 20 years of using the Greenland paddle exclusively, and sharing the techniques for others for 15  years, I have learned a lot about how to teach these skills to help people get quick results.

My favorite thing to do is helping paddlers like you go on life changing trips.

Your Questions Answered

What level of skills is required?

All courses progress paddlers from a beginner level through to advanced level-so all levels are good!

Can I view these courses on my cell phone?

Yes there is an app which works very well to access the community and the courses.

How do I get feedback?

The goal is to get you the skills. Just post a video or question, it's that simple.