4 Hour lesson on the water in a kayak learning forward stroke and bracing

Saturday June 23, 2018

Location: Oak Bay Marina Victoria, BC (see Map below)

Time: 9:00am -1:00pm

Location Map
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This is for you if:

  • Tried Greenland Paddle and find it's not as fast as the Euro blade.
  • Looking for an easier on the body paddling style so you can paddle longer and go on expeditions.
  • Want to feel confident and safe in the waves.
  • Curious about the gp and want to give it a serious try.
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Here's how this will help you:

Maybe you tried the Greenland paddle and it feels like you can’t go as fast. Here’s the thing, if you are like most kayakers you learned the techniques that works for the Euro paddle, and the most natural thing to do is to transfer that same way of paddling to the GP. And that’s why you  can’t go fast enough, or you can’t get enough support for bracing. It may even feel awkward.

This course will show you the techniques that works with the Greenland paddle.

Maybe you want to switch to the Greenland Paddle because you heard it’s easier on the body (less pain). Perhaps you worry that paddling is getting too hard for you aging body, and wonder if you can keep doing this for much longer.

This course will show you how to use your whole body in a natural way instead of having all the impact cause stress (and pain) on a few body parts. Let’s keep you paddling pain free for as long as possible.

Maybe for you it’s about feeling more confident with your bracing, so you can enjoy more remote trips, and have peace of mind even if it gets wavy. And maybe you have been practicing bracing with the Euro paddle for years without great results. You may wonder how much different it can be with the Greenland paddle. It’s like night and day. When you learn to paddle with the GP and integrate a good low brace it changes everything. It’s not about spending years practicing, there is a new feeling that emerges when you learn how to move your whole body with the kayak.

This course will show you how to add an automatic brace to your efficient forward stroke so you feel instantly more confident on the water. Let’s give you the skills you need to go where you want, and experience the beauty of the west coast.

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