"What If You Could Quickly Master Kayak Rolling In A Way That Radiates The Peace Of Mind That Makes People Feel Safe Paddling With You. Even For That Extended Dream Trip Into The Wild...

And give you that look of someone who is in harmony with the sea...."

From Paulo Ouellet
-Victoria, Canada

You know how kayakers like to talk about what certification level you have.

And then there are skills you can demonstrate...

And people instantly get that you have a way of moving with your kayak that puts you in a class of your own.

What level you are at becomes irrelevant.


Here's Why This May Be Critically Important For You...

I’ve probably told you this already but when I started kayaking it was for exploring the coast. And get back that feeling of connection with nature that I enjoyed while backpacking and snowshoeing.  Instead what I found was a nightmarish experience. A few close calls left me feeling like I could die a miserable death in the frigid water.

Here’s what happened when I tried to learn how to brace. The movement I was practicing was different from rolling. And not related to how we move for paddling forward. And I wondered how on earth that disconnected movement can be quick enough to save me from a capsize. It all felt like me testing myself against the sea. And I knew who would eventually win that one.  

Then I discovered the Inuit style. From a video that I purchased. I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing, but it was obvious they understood something  in a uniquely different way. And it shows in how they move. Everything is elegant, and gentle. It’s like they are dancing with the sea.

There was no upper body strength required even for rolling. And no quick reflex. What they demonstrated was a way of being with the kayak that requires no special talent.

I’m sure you have seen it (people rolling with such ease)...

and maybe you think you need to be an athlete to move like that.

And I will break that down, expose every detail so that you can see for yourself that it’s available to anyone.

The fact is:

The inuit teach the balance brace the same way we teach young kids to float on their back when they learn to swim. For them everyone who kayaks learns these critical skills. The same way we all learn to walk. Or ride a bike. Old people, beginners. They don’t use a big blade to overcome the water. They use a skinny blade, and work with the water. And it translates to how they paddle, and how they feel. In harmony…

The forward roll is not a separate skill to learn. It is what emerges naturally after mastering how to move with your kayak.

Like magic.

In other words when you combine:

  • Connection with your kayak
  • How to move your lower body
  • How to move upper body (sometimes separately from your lower body)

The result is a forward finishing roll that is effortless...

Or a low brace with explosive power. Or a high brace, or a layback roll. It all feels natural.

And it changes how you feel on the sea. The confidence you exude gives you peace of mind. No matter the conditions. And you become the inspiration others need to up their own skills.

And you may find yourself dreaming about that trip of a lifetime in a new way. Like it is a possibility.

Finally you have a step by step plan for

Developing A Forward Roll That Feels Effortless...

And it’s not so much about practicing new skills.

Here is what you get with this package:

Rapid Brace Formula

  • How to outfit your kayak so you can move with it without feeling like you could fall out. And get that connected feeling of agility for the quick brace that gives you peace of mind in the waves.
  • Get more power with everything you do in your kayak by learning the exact way to move your hips to make the kayak feel like it’s another part of you.
  • A sculling brace for the constant support you may need when going through a really rough spot.
  • Why the low brace will be your best friend in rough water. And you will learn how to avoid the hard on the shoulder bracing that can force the paddle deep down. And make capsizing inevitable.
  • A high brace that is always ready if needed for backup. If you think your low brace may not always be quick enough you are right. This easy to learn technique will turn a failed low brace into a relaxed recovery.


Master The Layback Roll

  • Learn how to outfit your kayak for the complete range of motion that makes the layback rolls effortless.
  • How to avoid lifting your body or head at the end of your roll. When you get this you’re most of the way to easy rolling.
  • The key to avoiding the kayak pushing you under. You probably don’t need as much flexibility as you think.
  • Learn to use a paddle float to help you practice. Forgetting a little detail does not have to result in a wet exit.
  • Scull for maximum support so your paddle stays near the surface. Let it become a natural extension for your arms.
  • The secret to deactivating your panic mechanism so you can avoid the embarrassing wet exit when you know you could have rolled up. Even if you already missed the last 2 tries.
  • Add a low brace to your layback roll to make it rock solid in the waves.
  • What to do with your sweep to transform your layback roll into a quick roll that gets you up consistently in rough water.
  • What adjustment you have to make if your kayak has a high rear deck or a coaming that digs into your back. And yes you can still come up smoothly.
  • We will annihilate the myth that a loaded kayak is hard to roll. And turn it into a rolling machine that gives you peace of mind on your trips. And keeps you safer.


Rough Water Domination

  • Land exercises will give you the muscle memory and distinction for the storm roll and other forward finishing rolls.
  • Exercise to develop the hip strength that makes all the forward rolls easy.
  • On the water exercises for smooth effortless forward rolls.
  • A demonstration of where to use each roll to make coming up automatic.
  • Confidence building exercise so you can stay calm and collected after a capsize. Even if you go over in an awkward position.

I have been using and perfecting how to teach these techniques for 17 years. My mission is to help those who want kayaking to be an integrated way to move with the kayak. A way that leaves you feeling in control but not because you use force. A way that feels natural.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to have more peace of mind in the waves.
  • You would like to feel safer on your kayak adventures.
  • You want to be comfortable rolling forward or backwards.
  • You think that your kayak trips could leave you feeling more connected to nature.

Kayaking was never meant to be forceful...

This may not be for you if:

  • You can roll up forward and back and it feels easy because your hips naturally move to make it effortless.
  • You can capsize unexpectedly and you don’t feel disoriented, and you naturally know how to move to come up the easiest way.
  • You already feel comfortable in that zone between capsized and not capsized.

It’s a complete Step by step program:

That focuses on the hip movement that you can’t see. And that most people ignore. Using those strong muscles is the key to snapping your kayak up without effort. Or stress on your shoulders.

Here is what you will get:

All lessons are delivered online on a membership site.

26 lessons. Each lesson includes a video demonstration plus an exercise to practice.

Exercises to do on land

Exercises to take on the water

You could spend hundreds of dollars on lessons and never come close to mastering even a fraction of the techniques in these video lessons.

They are yours as a reference to go to anytime your skills needs tweaking. Or you are ready to take it to the next level faster than you ever dreamed possible.


Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will feel different in your kayak after going through the exercises that I guarantee it. You have 60 days to try it with no risk. Get the low brace, high brace. Get a layback roll you can count on and a forward roll, and the storm roll. And if you are not fully satisfied just email me and you get a full refund. No questions asked.

Now 50% Off

Do you want to:

Feel connected to your kayak and the sea. And get to that feeling where there is no more capsized or not capsized. You can focus on being present with the sea, connected to nature. Enjoying the scenery and your friends worry free.

If so I recommend you try it.

Just sign up here and I’ll see you inside.


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Following your steps I got in the balance position without paniking when upside down and then the roll came effortlessly, exactly as you describe it. Now I am not afraid of the uncomfortable position during capsizing and I am looking forward to practicing more and make my roll reliable.

Andreas Sandalis

This has be a great help to me in preparing for upcoming BCU4* assessment & ACA L3 Instructor Certification Exam. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved. Your demonstrations and explanations are clear and concise and yet disclose some techniques that I have not seen in other online video courses.

Ryc Williamson

The rolls are one continuous sweep and sculling, bracing and edging are smother.

The videos have given me tools to continually improve my skills. It’s refreshing to learn from a master paddler.

Carl Vopal, Thiensville, Wisconsin

If you are looking to get the most from your kayaking experience and want to extend your abilities, Paulo's bracing videos will help you do that in a methodical way.

I like the way the videos blend the use of rolling, bracing and sculling to form a solid set of skills that keep me from panic when I find myself in an unfamiliar, dynamic situation that requires immediate action.

Butch Chase, Juneau, Alaska

I am seeing great results with the exercises shown in the videos. I've taken rolling lessons before, but never had this success. Thank you for the wonderful videos

Jack C , Silverdale, WA

I couldn't roll or do a sculling brace before I watched Paulo's videos but now I can do both on both sides of the kayak.

Julie 😀

Your excellent video course has let me find an outdoor activity that I really enjoy.

ST Cooper

You have a special way of breaking complex ideas into simple, easy to understand and useful advice.

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