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"2 key things most kayakers ignore... 

that turns kayaking into the full body workout to make you fit"

  • Low impact on your body so you can keep paddling for many more years
  • No need to spend hours in a smelly gym doing boring exercises
  • Paddle faster, and further with less effort
  • Take the pressure off your arms and shoulders, and experience pain free paddling
  • Better cardio efficiency for more endurance, so you can go on more epic trips into the wild
  • No muscle imbalance that can lead to pain
  • Learn techniques that give you competence without having to use force

How to ensure you have many more years of kayaking left?

First you need good posture. Good posture is what makes kayaking a great workout for your lower back. It’s also the key to more flexibility so you can be more competent with your kayak. It helps you breathe more deeply for more endurance.

What you need?

  • A few exercises and stretches
  • A good fit with your kayak so that you can wear it

Second you need to move your hips. To take the pressure off your upper body and go faster. Avoid the arms and shoulder pain, and numbness in the legs after hours of paddling. Watch your skills go to the next level when you start using the power of your hips.

What you need?

  • Good fit with your kayak
  • A new technique for paddling
Get "Paddling Fitness"

Imagine if you could...

Achieve and experience more health and vitality, every waking hour...

More freedom to explore without pain.

More strength and power to keep up so you are not the one holding the group back.

The agility you need to enjoy yourself in your kayak, and keep yourself safe.

Be that courageous adventurer you always dreamed to be. Ready to explore the most beautiful coastlines of the world.

From lower back pain to pain free

It was the year 2000. I had moved to the west coast with a lower back injury. I was no longer able to go backpacking like I had been doing for the previous 15 years.

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The doctors were telling me my back would not get any better. And the pain killers that were making me feel dopey, were not even taking the pain away.

I felt like everything that matters in my life was gone.

All I could see in my future was worsening back pain and boring exercises. With no adventure.

It took 1 thing to snap me out of that hopeless state.

I take a short intro to kayaking lesson.

It planted a seed in my mind.

I buy myself an old wooden kayak, and start paddling to nearby islands. I saw the possibility of getting out there and exploring the beautiful coast. Never mind the back pain. I was going to keep my sanity intact whatever it takes.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

I discovered that kayaking actually makes my back feel great. I mean after a week of kayak camping the back pain is gone. And the feeling remains for weeks or months afterwards.

I discovered this way of moving with the kayak by watching the Inuit. There is something different about how they move. They are wearing kayak, and it moves with them, like an extension to their body. And that's what allows you to more in a natural way.

This is the System I've used to go from having debilitating back pain to completely pain free.

And I have taught these techniques to help others regain their youthful agility.

Is this for you?

Fitness paddling is NOT about doing endless boring exercises at home or in the gym.

It's not about paddling hard until your shoulders and arms are sore.

It's not something that will whip you into shape without spending time enjoying yourself on the water.

Spending your time exploring by kayak is the whole point.

If you are not committed to getting out on the water and spending time kayaking, this is not for you.

What makes paddling for fitness unique is the fact that I spent 18 years experimenting with the techniques. Studying the experts. Out of necessity I had to figure out how to make paddling good for my body.

It's the only way I can keep getting out there.

I have worked with many others to help them transform their paddling style with the easy on the body techniques you are about to learn.

Here is what you get:

  • Benefit 1 - The few stretches you can do in a few minutes a day. To help you get the posture which keeps the natural curve in your lower back as you paddle. To give your paddling that healthy on the back workout for taking pain away. All while giving you more power in your forward stroke. You will notice how much easier it is to go places when you get this.
  • Benefit 2 - Learn to move your whole body in a natural way. To feel good after hours in your kayak. Instead of locking in your most powerful muscles, and having your arms and shoulders get sore and tired.
  • Benefit 3 - Of Course you will learn how to adjust the fit of your kayak to be nice and loose and have more control.
  • Benefit 4 - You will learn a shoulder and chest exercise that will add the secret power band to your paddling. You can deploy that when paddling in a head wind to start moving fast. This actually gives your forward stroke more efficiency.
  • Benefit 5 - Get a new way to use your paddle that doesn’t involve the hard on the body shoveling motion. Let’s be honest no one enjoys shoveling. Instead your paddle becomes an extension to your body. Like your legs. And actually with a bit of practice paddling will feel more like walking.

What is it?

Fitness paddling is a video course delivered inside a membership site. You have unlimited access to it, so  you can use it as a reference.

Each lesson gives you a video to show you how, plus a practice exercise.


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Get "Paddling Fitness"

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