The Greenland Paddle Forward Stroke

Forward Stroke With Greenland Paddle

  • Unlock your most powerful muscles-your legs, hips, back, abs...and turn the strength you already have into the explosive power
  • Why the canted blade technique is crucial for boosting your speed while keeping your paddling smooth and quiet and flutter free
  • The unique way to hold your paddle to avoid the wrist pain that can ruin an otherwise perfect trip
  • Unlock the secret to having an automatic brace right when you need it
  • Avoid the cramping legs, sore lower back, and the pain in the joints by learning to move your whole body to paddle effortlessly
  • How to adjust your foot braces so that you can use your powerful legs to drive the kayak forward with the power of a racer
  • Learn to adjust your forward stroke to make paddling in a headwind feel easy

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Paulo Ouellet Paulo Ouellet Author