How To Develop The Body Awareness That Makes You A Better Kayaker…

Without forcing or stretching.


Body awareness is what allows you to distribute the force of a movement evenly over many body parts…

That ease and range of motion is what gives you agility. And when you take that to your kayak, and practice the “Dancing With The Sea” techniques, you become very competent, very quickly.

‘In these lessons, you’ll learn more in the small, slow moves than in the grand, fast ones. This takes a little getting used to…. ‘

It is the first part of the range, the first few degrees of rotation or lift, where you find out how you are organizing your body, and that’s the range that is of most interest in this method.

As you make the movement bigger, you get less and less quality information. And if you push or strain, your ability to learn actually goes backwards.

Your brain isn’t going to want to learn stuff that hurts.

If you are an achiever–good! eventually you will achieve much more as a kayaker with these movement approaches.

But use this time as a chance to play around with not achieving, not looking for the outcome, not straining and most of all, not going into any even slightly painful zone. That’s not this class.

If you find yourself pushing at the end of your range of motion, notice that. And then back off.

Finding it hard to do less? Try doing half.

Being able to cut your effort by half is a wonderful technique for efficient and balanced kayaking, every bit as important as being able to double your effort!

Usually we pay attention to our movements so that we can move better.

Here, we want you to move in such a way that you can pay attention better.


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