Main benefit you will get

This is for you if:

  • You are new to kayaking and want to learn to move with your kayak to make learning the skills quicker
  • You have been paddling for a while but feel stuck in your progress
  • You are aging and want to learn to be more efficient to make paddling easier
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Here's how this will help you:

Learn the fundamental way to move your body to make it easier to maneuver, brace, roll. This will make anything you do with your kayak more effective and feel easier and more natureal on the body.

Learn to get a feel for your blade angle so that you are getting quick support for a brace or a roll, and for making turns more effective. Often when the paddle isn’t giving enough support the cause is the paddle angle.

Learn to edge your kayak and still use your hips to power all your strokes. This gives you the ability to use the shape of your kayak to turn with ease, and also to use your powerful hips to power the turns, making paddling feel much easier.

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