“Could this be the easiest and quickest way to Make you almost impossible to capsize and paddle fast enough to easily more than keep up to your strongest friends…

While using only a fraction of the energy.

I taught this to hundreds of paddlers, and…

This surprisingly simple method seems to be the ultimate shortcut to having kayak skills that most people will never achieve.

From: Paulo Ouellet

Victoria, British Columbia

It seems like everyone is learning the same paddling techniques. The style that was created by athletes for other athletes.

For white water kayaking.

Even those who recognize the benefit of using the Greenland paddle often end up using the Euro paddle techniques.

I even see people teaching how to use the Greenland paddle the same way they teach the Euro paddle. 

That’s crazy. It’s not how the paddle was designed to be used.

Here’s the thing. The Greenlanders evolved the sea kayak and the Greenland paddle over thousands of years.

They used it to hunt on the sea, where they needed to keep themselves safe in whatever conditions came up. 

Every hunter needed to be competent with the kayak, not just the few more gifted men. He needed to master the kayak or his family would starve. 

And the whole community would be at risk. 

Is it really so surprising that the Inuit would come up with the tools and techniques that are perfectly suited to give the average paddler tremendous competence?

What I’ve done in over 20 years of learning and using the Greenland paddle exclusively is to develop an insanely simple method to quickly get to that top level of competence.

Sometimes in months instead of many years.

There are just a few ways you need to move well to be a great kayaker.

I know people want to tell you that for bracing you need to learn a whole new set of techniques, and for the forward stroke it’s completely different. And if you want to roll you have to learn these 8 steps and it can take years to learn even a sloppy roll that fails 2 times out of 8.

That’s just BS.

I say learn to move well in these few ways, and I’ll show you how to weave it into everything you do with your kayak.

That’s what I learned from watching the Inuit kayak, and from 22 years of experimentation.

You’ll see it in your forward stroke, your turning strokes, your bracing and yes even rolling is the exact same way of moving.

That’s why it’s so quick and easy to learn.

I call it the “3-D Fusion” method.

The Dancing with the Sea Club is the place to learn how to apply 3-D Fusion it to your kayak

About Your Teacher

Paulo Ouellet

I started kayaking with a dream to explore the beautiful Gulf Islands. After a few scary crossings I realized I was far from having the skills to keep myself safe. I was practicing daily but not improving fast enough. The day I discovered the Greenland paddle and the traditional techniques was a life changer for me. I could not believe that most people are not using this timeless approach. Even without anyone teaching me I was rolling forward and back within a few months. And soon I could do what most paddlers can’t. After 20 years of using the Greenland paddle exclusively, and sharing the techniques for others for 15  years, I have learned a lot about how to teach these skills to help people get quick results.

My favorite thing to do is helping paddlers like you go on life changing trips.

Here’s how it works.


Quick start checklist for stability and speed

Which is an easy to remember 8-point checklist with accompanying video demonstration for each step.

You are literally watching over my shoulder as I take a beginner through this checklist that is based on the “3-D Fusion” Method.

It’s the same process I use on my one on one clients to take them from beginner to a fast, stable kayaker as quickly as possible.

Which means on your next outing as you struggle to keep up with your friends, you mentally go through each point on the checklist with the goal of making your movements more effortless.

As you focus on one point, you notice paddling gets a little easier. And you glide a little further with each stroke while using less effort.

The next time you feel uncomfortable in choppy waves, you go through that same checklist and find the next point that will give you the biggest breakthrough.

As you focus on that point you find you don’t need to slow down to get support from your paddle.

You just feel more secure while you are paddling. And can already tell that you will soon feel confident that there is no way you’re going over.

By the time you go over the checklist a dozen times or so you notice how easy and natural paddling feels to you.

You look around to realize that you’ve not only passed by your friends…you have to slow yourself down to avoid leaving them behind.

And you feel confident in your newfound skill.

If you like expeditions, you will enjoy getting back to camp with enough energy to put up the tent and still have lots of energy for enjoying a special moment with your friends.

You’re not the one holding back the group by capsizing. You’re are not even slowing them down.

You’re becoming someone who is an asset to the group…And people feel safer because you’re around.

You bring peace of mind to group leaders.


3-D Fusion Virtual Mentorship

This is where you and I work together virtually using video feedback, so you uncover the nuances holding you back from your optimum speed and stability.

So you eliminate all feelings of frustration from getting stuck or using bad habits.

Your technique improves in the shortest amount of time because I will know in an instant what you are doing that is keeping you stuck. And show you what little tweak to make to get a breakthrough in your skills.

That way you avoid reaching a plateau in your performance.

That way you avoid reaching a plateau in your performance. Which means the next time you’re in choppy waves, you notice a big smile on your face.

Even in conditions that previously would have been scarry.

And as your friends catch up to you they ask you how you manage to go so fast in the waves.


Body Wisdom

We have our very own body movement expert.

I work with Carie to come up with lessons that help you move better in the specific ways needed to more easily apply the 3-D Fusion method.

It will give you more flexibility, and the extra range of motion will make you faster, get less fatigue, less tension and maybe even less pain.

Instead of slowing down as you age, you may find that you become an inspiration…

And at the end of the day, you hear younger paddlers ask you what you do to look so smooth as you paddle without ever slowing down.


Supportive community

A cozy place to be with like minded people who are also on the same journey.

If you ever felt unwanted because you’re the only one using the Greenland paddle, this community will be a welcome oasis.

Have a question about gear?

Have a question about gear? Or what to look out for when taking a trip in some remote kayak destination?

Instead of wading through hundreds of ads and crappy blog posts online, you ask your newfound friends who’ve not only done all the research but also answer your questions quickly, with experience and options you’ve never heard of before.

You can now bypass the feeling of regret from buying the wrong thing, and instead feel certain that you made the right choice.

Here’s what else you get

Advanced Kayak Turning Techniques

Learn how to apply the 3-D Fusion method to the various turning strokes so that they all work well with the Greenland paddle.

Value $97

You will learn how and when to use the bow draw, x bow draw, edging, leaning, and many more ways to turn your kayak quickly and easily.

Make sure to send me a video of yourself doing the turns so I can give you the feedback you need to master the skill quickly.

So now when you’re out paddling, maybe even with your loaded kayak, you can have fun maneuvering effortlessly as you follow the rugged shoreline. You can quickly turn to avoid a rock. Or move quickly with precision to get close to someone to do a rescue or set up the tow line.

And you notice it’s a lot like dancing in a way. The more moves you know the more fun it gets.

You feel more graceful. More like you belong there on the sea.

There is a whole section on turning in strong wind.

So no more fighting with the wind to turn your kayak, and feeling shoulder pain the next day. Now you know exactly what to do to have the wind help you turn. When you get this it’s like having power steering.

Next time you’re paddling on a windy day you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. And you will wonder why everyone isn’t doing this. You’ll notice most paddlers are struggling to control their kayak. They exhaust themselves fighting with the wind because they don’t know what you know.

You feel good about how much you improved your skills.

Current Awareness To Save Energy

Learn to be stable in currents and also how to use the currents to help you get to where you want to go. And avoid working harder than you have to.

Value $97

So paddling in currents doesn’t feel like work.

Your friends wonder how you manage to move so far ahead of everyone, when it looks to them like you’re not even doing anything.

You feel like you are moving to the flow of the water.

Master The Layback Roll

Learn step by step how to develop a reliable roll that feels effortless. You will be using your own body movement so that you don't have to rely on the paddle.

Value $97

I think you’ll be amazed to realize that the same 3-D Fusion method of moving is also what makes rolling so easy.

Send me a quick video of yourself and we’ll have your roll dialed in very fast.

So that you have a roll that doesn’t require any strength, or special talent. And the nice thing about this roll is that because it doesn’t involve pushing the paddle down, there is no risk of shoulder injury.

It’s a roll that you can count on in rough water, not just in the pool.

This course includes a confidence building segment.

So that you automatically go into zen mode when you capsize, so you don’t even think about pulling your skirt to get out of the kayak.

If you like playing in the waves, and surf in conditions where you could capsize, you will feel confident that you can get yourself back up without having to go swimming.

And it makes you feel safer.

You are now part of the more advanced group of paddlers, and it changes how you feel on the water.

The Balance Brace Formula

The reason this course works better than any other course is because it focuses on first giving you the flexibility and range of motion that makes the balance brace easy.

Value $97

First you get the 3-D Fusion body movement lessons to do at home. After your body is moving with more flexibility than you thought you had, you do the step by step lessons on the water and comfortably slide into the perfect balance brace.

Now you can lay on the water, relax, stretch…and you can keep breathing. According to the stories, the Inuit hunters would lay into a balance brace and have a quick nap, while on a longer hunt.

It changes how you feel about capsizing. There is no capsizing. There is sitting upright in your kayak, or comfortably laying on the water.

You discover for yourself that you have perfect control. You decide if your head is above water with how you move your body.

I don’t know of any other skill that better communicates “I’m one with my kayak”.

You can feel good about achieving that level of skill.

Rough Water Domination

In this course you will learn the forward roll, and the storm roll.

Value $97

You start with exercises to do at home, to develop strength and muscle memory. You will see right away that you are still using the same 3-D Fusion movements.

Then you get a step by step process to do the rolls in the water.

As you practice you will notice that your body already knows what to do. And with a little more practice your rolls feel effortless.

Your friends will be amazed to see you roll up from pretty much any position you find yourself in. Mostly you’ll just be rolling for fun and entertainment, because at this level a capsize is very rare.

On the rare occasion when you do capsize?

You’ll be surprised at how comfortable it feels. No more getting disoriented, no more panic.

Safe Winter Paddling

This course is about how to be ready for paddling in colder and rougher winter conditions.

Value $97

What to wear and how to layer in a way that makes temperature adjustments easy to make while you paddle.

So that you don’t ever feel cold and miserable. And you don’t risk getting hypothermic.

Imagine how much more paddling opportunities you have when you are not limited by weather.

If you like to avoid crowds, and enjoy a more “wild” experience, winter paddling may be for you.

Paddling Fitness

How to make kayaking a whole body workout.

Value $97

So that you can be healthy and fit, without having to go to the gym.

You will notice how the 3-D Fusion method makes your lower back feel strong and healthy.

You will develop more stamina so you can keep paddling faster for longer.

As you paddle day after day on your first big adventure you feel like an unstoppable machine. And you’re only getting stronger.

You feel good about it because you can see that you will be able to keep paddling and exploring for many more years.

"Plan Your Trip" Interactive Journey

Learn how to make the important decisions to have a safe and enjoyable multi day trip or longer expedition. L

Value $55

As you plan your trip you feel confident that you didn’t forget anything critical. And you realize that there’s no reason to be overwhelmed by the experience.

Few things that give you the sense of freedom that comes from kayaking with all the gear you need to be “home” wherever you are.

You get to experience the most spectacular places on the planet, without feeling like you may be in over your head.

If you go on a trip with your friends, you’re involved in making the important decisions.

You are someone who is contributing to the safety of the whole group. And you feel like a contribution.

Getting In And Out

Here you learn how to safely get in and out of your kayak in various conditions and shorelines.

Value $27

So you don’t have to worry about doing the humiliating capsize after a day’s paddle. Even if it’s a rocky shoreline, or on a wavy beach.

You look and feel like a pro.

The Greenland Paddle

Look over my shoulders as I go to the beach, find a log, and turn it into a Greenland paddle.

Value $55

You get step by step instructions designed for people with no woodworking skills. You size the paddle to fit you. You get a list of tools you can use.

Now you have a paddle you can be proud of. Something that feels like it’s made for you. Like a true extension to your body.

Once you make one you may find the process so enjoyable that you end up making a few more.

You are following the way of the ancient Inuit hunter, and you feel a deeper connection with the origin of the kayak.

Here's What People Have To Say

The most useful thing that I have taken from these videos is that torso rotation really starts at the feet and involves the butt & hips more so then twisting at the waist or shoulders. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved.

Instead of controlling the boat your approach is more spiritual. It's different but allowed me more success and enjoyment. Your segment on fitting the kayak changed my not being able to balance brace to success the first time after fitting the kayak. Also made a dramatic difference in success on the forward finishing roll.

It was difficult for me to let go of my Euro paddle techniques and my performance suffered from this. Paulo has opened another world for me with his patient teaching. I like the way the videos blend the use of rolling, bracing and sculling to form a solid set of skills that keep me from panic when I find myself in an unfamiliar, dynamic situation.

Try it free for 7 days

The Perfect Learning Environment

In a community of passionate kayakers

When you take a live kayak lesson, you get instant feedback. But then we forget some subtle distinction. Until the next lesson.

With videos you have a reference library to go back to and review anytime you like.

And get feedback anytime you need it.

Imagine doing the course at your own pace. Being able to go back and review it anytime you like.

30 Money Back Guarantee

$199/year usd

Try it at no risk for 30 days, send me a video for feedback if you like.

If you are not 100% happy with the results you get, send 1 email asking for a refund and you get every penny back, no questions asked.

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