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In this Online Video Course

You Will:

What emerges is you feeling stable...

I Know It Sounds Too Simple

But after 15 years of teaching this I can tell you that the only way you can avoid feeling comfortable in the waves is if you are lacking in one of these 2 areas.

It’s for you if:

You’re already using the Greenland paddle, and you are committed to developing the techniques that work well with it. Even if it means trying something a little different, or contrary to what you already learned. The Inuit have been developing sea kayaking for thousands of years. These techniques are not new.

But they're very new to most paddlers.

In fact if you have taken kayak lessons before you probably learned something that is preventing you from having good balance with your kayak. Here’s what I’ve learned from teaching and developing this method for 15 years. What’s holding you back is not a lack of skill. You’re just missing some refinement in at least...

One of 2 areas.


The specific place your paddle needs to be for you to get support.

It’s like when you balance on one foot. You feel a little wobbly, but if you just place 1 finger on something solid, like the wall, all of a sudden you’re extremely stable. It’s not a matter of skill or special talent... Or practicing it for years. Having your paddle in the right place gives you that kind of easy stability.


The second thing is how to move your body naturally...

So you’re always in the most powerful, stable, and comfortable position.

If you don’t learn this, edging your kayak may feel hard or unstable.

When you move your body naturally there’s no forcing anything. It feels smooth and relaxed. And you feel in control. Now is a great time to explore the wild. To have life changing adventures with a few friends. Maybe you want to be in nature with the peace of mind that allows you to really feel like you belong there. And to enjoy your vacation. You may want to avoid a capsize instead of relying on getting back in your kayak. I get a lot of feedback that these skills are working for regular people. Not just expert paddlers.

Here's what you get in the course.

Lesson 1

We will be exploring the subtle ways

to fine tune how to move your body to make edging smooth and easy.

Lesson 2

Practice an exercise that will cause you to

instinctively place your paddle perfectly for optimal support. You will learn how to keep your pelvis unlocked so you can still use it to power everything you do with your kayak. And you will learn how to make a safe, and effective turn in the wind and waves. In a way that almost insures you won’t capsize.

Lesson 3

We will practice relying on your paddle

to give you support. You may know how to move your body, and where to place your paddle for support. But you still need to have complete confidence that your paddle will give you enough support. After this week you will feel comfortable going past the point where your kayak is going over. And you will be confident that you can easily bring yourself back in balance with your paddle. But not by using your arms or any upper body strength to push down on the paddle.

Lesson 4

We will continue to practice body position

and paddle position and really focus on mastering the blade angle. When you have this you can get support as you paddle, without slowing you down. And you have much more control with stopping a capsize in progress. At the end of the 4 lessons you are completely comfortable paddling and turning in waves.

See you there!