The Most neglected (and Critical Aspect) of sea kayaking can now be mastered from the comfort of your home.

Imagine it’s spring time, you get back in your kayak after a long winter pause…

And instead of noticing how much skill you’ve lost, you feel like a transformed paddler. You naturally move with more ease than ever before.

From: Paulo Ouellet

Victoria, British Columbia


If you’ve been learning from my video, and are frustrated that you’re not improving faster…


…there is a way to boost your progress over the winter.


Not with learning more techniques, or gaining more knowledge.


This is different.


I say the biggest limitation is in how well you can move in these ways.


If you find that difficult, or you just don’t have the flexibility,

you may be thinking “there’s nothing I can do about that.”


You’re about to discover how to get more flexibility in the few ways of moving that make everything you do in your kayak easy.



Let’s look at the forward stroke.

You move your leg and your pelvis to generate power. And each vertebrae of your back adds to the power in perfect sequence to build up maximum energy to release to the paddle.

It just feels effortless when you get it perfectly doesn't it?

Is this a lot of technique? Or is it your body learning to be more efficient?

Let’s look at edging for a turn.

You rotate your pelvis and your back and use your whole body to tilt your pelvis (and kayak).

As you rotate your pelvis you power the sweep that turns the kayak effortlessly. It may sound like a lot of pieces to put together, but I say your body already wants to move like that.

Because it’s easier.

And your body is always looking for easier, whether you are aware of it or not.

What if there was an easy way to make your body move with ease… in a way that directly translates to kayaking.

What if there was an easy way to make your body move with ease… in a way that directly translates to kayaking.

What about rolling?

Remember the edging we just looked at?

Rotate the pelvis and back, then flex for the setup. And then tilt your pelvis the opposite way by extending your full body.

You can forget everything else you ever learned about rolling if you just learn to do this well.

Once you move well in these few ways, all that’s left to do is apply it to the kayak. And that’s the easy part.

Over the last 22 years I’ve developed a method of teaching kayaking that involves weaving this 3 dimensional way of moving into everything you do with your kayak.


I call it 3D-Fusion.


And now you can automatically program your body to move like that with ease.

Introducing the “kayaker’s body” bundle.

What if your body naturally moved in the few ways that make kayaking effortless?


Would you still need a lot of awkward techniques?


Or would it be more like walking?


We all stumbled during our first few steps, and our body naturally found an easier way. And now we don’t have to think about it anymore.


This method removes the blocks, so that your body can find the easiest possible way.


So you never go back to doing it the hard way.



Body wisdom lessons ($97 value)

Get more ease so you can more easily apply the 3-D Fusion to everything you do with your kayak.

3 lessons 15 minutes each.

You just follow along. You can do these sitting on a chair.

This is not stretching, or yoga. Much easier as you will soon find out.

You will notice you already move with more ease the very first time you do these lessons. And it’s enjoyable to feel good.

They are specifically designed to give you more ease for:

When you get on the water and start paddling you will notice you use more of your pelvis, back, shoulders. In a way that adds more power, but feels easier.

You may notice less strain. Maybe even relief if you have pain.

As you can imagine it will lessen your chances or injury, and keep you paddling for as long as possible.

Now you have confidence that you can go the distance, and easily keep up with your friends.


4 week stability challenge ($97 value)

How to apply the 3-D Fusion to edging and bracing…to make capsizing almost impossible.

You will develop a greater range of motion in your spine, and that will make edging feel more smooth, easy, and stable.

Now edging for a turn is so easy, and your turning so effortless it feels like your kayak has power steering.

Imagine how enjoyable kayaking is when it seems like you just think about turning and the kayak responds.

You will learn how to make it impossible to capsize when you edge too far. And there’s no need to react with a push on the paddle to brace… You already have the natural way to move that brings you back in balance without even thinking about it.

You feel like you are on a different level.

You will learn exactly where and when to place your paddle when in choppy waves so that you know you are stable.

There is even a follow along video so you can learn all this in your living room.

Next time you’re in choppy waves you’ll be smiling. Because it's actually fun when you know there’s no chance you’ll capsize.

Your friends will be amazed at how at home and relaxed you look.

You have the confidence to go on serious adventures into the wild. And feel like you belong there.


Balance Brace Formula ($97 value)

4 movement lessons 50 minute each

Distinguish your pelvis so you can tilt the kayak away from you, regardless of what you’re doing with your upper body.

So that doing the balance brace doesn’t feel like an unnatural twisted position that takes practice to figure out. After these lessons the position feels natural.

Relax your ribs so you can have even more range of motion. The difference between having your head above water and breathing, and having your head pushed underwater is just a little more range of motion.

Now you can float there even in waves. Because you have more than enough flexibility.

Next you get a video demonstrating the on the water practice exercises so you can turn your new found ease of movement and flexibility into a rock solid balance brace.

I don’t know of any kayak skills that says “I’m a competent kayaker” more than doing an elegant balance brace.

People start to ask you for advice. They just know that you are at a different level.

There’s a confidence that comes from knowing that even if you did go over you are still not capsized. You are just relaxing on the water.


Paddling fitness ($97 value)

With 3-D fusion you can turn kayaking into a full body workout.

Now you don’t have to go to the gym to be in great shape. You can just do what you love to do.

You learn how to develop endurance, and more speed.

As you practice the techniques you may find, like I did, that kayaking is the best thing for putting an end to lower back pain.

The more you paddle the stronger you get. And the more resilient you feel.

There is no stopping you now.

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