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Learn How to get the flexibility

Discover that you have more flexibility than you think.

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Imagine Being able to do the balance brace:

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In this Online Video Course

You Will:

What emerges is the balance brace.

It’s not about stretching to get more flexibility, and it’s not about doing yoga.

Simple follow along movements to easily develop your flexibility until it’s natural for you.
It's about rediscovering how to move your body in a natural way. Like you did as a child.

It’s for you if:

You want to develop that ease that makes the kayak feel like a natural expention to your body.

I bet you have never seen this approach to learning the balance brace.

I want to share something I discovered working with Carie Fox. A body movement expert.

As I worked with her, doing the body wisdom lessons, I started to notice my forward stroke got more efficient.

I was using more of my upper back and shoulders to add to the power.

I noticed my edging got a lot smoother. And more stable.

It got me thinking. What if we developed a method for those who are struggling to learn the balance brace? What if we could come up with some specific movements to practice from the comfort of your home…

It got me thinking. What if we developed a method for those who are struggling to learn the balance brace? What if we could come up with some specific movements to practice from the comfort of your home…

…That would unlock your flexibility in just the right way.

And would make it easy for you to do the balance brace.

So we put together a pilot group and for 8 weeks we experimented…

What emerged are a series of 4 movements lessons that unlock your body to get you to move in the 3 ways that are required for the balance brace.

Here's what's included


Pelvis distinguisher

Most of us get used to moving a certain way. Like when the pelvis moves one way our torso moves with it a certain way.

This lesson will get you to move your upper body independently of your lower body. Distinguishing the 2 will help you unlock your pelvis no matter what your upper body is doing.

You need this for the balance brace. And also to make so many kayak maneuvers more elegant and stable.


The Rib Relaxer

When doing the balance brace it’s very common for people to not be able to lay 90 degrees to the kayak, or even close to it. It can be hard to keep both shoulders in the water.

Releasing the pelvis is an important step. But so is increasing the flexibility in your spine.

This movement takes you through this process. So you can easily place your body in the most stable position when doing the balance brace.


The Spine Release

Did you know that when you bend your back, you can choose where it bends?

Most of us get used to bending in one place.

What this lesson will do is get you to move every vertebrae. So that you get a lot more range of motion in your spine. .

You will get better at tilting the kayak so it doesn’t push your head under water.

You will also use that extra motion to make rolling effortless.

Or for a very powerful low brace, or high brace.

And for much more stable edging.


Refresher Lesson

When you are satisfied that you have pretty good flexibility and you can do the 3 movements really well, there is a lesson that puts them all together.


Balance brace mastery

When you feel that your body is moving well, it’s time to take it on the water.

I like to keep the practice easy and safe. So I always recommend starting with a paddle float. If you have someone who can hold your kayak, even better.

Next I will give you a few simple exercises to do in your kayak to further distinguish the critical movements.

The exercises are designed to make it feel natural.

If you try doing the balance brace without first developing your flexibility...

I’ve been teaching people to do the balance brace for over 15 years.

If you were to take an in person lesson with me the price starts at $297.

The problem is I can’t guarantee that you will be able to do the balance brace. You may need to first get your body moving the right way. And the best place to practice is not in the kayak.

That’s what makes this course so valuable.

If you are interested in the balance brace sign up for this Course.

You have 30 days to try it.
If it doesn't work for you ask for a refund.
That simple.

See you there!