When I got started with kayaking I could see that most paddlers I knew with 10 plus years of experience didn’t have a solid low brace. A few had this explosive power roll which is not likely to work in real conditions. I wanted the skills needed to have  peace of mind in any circumstances, so I would have the freedom to explore anywhere I wanted, without putting my life at risk.


I discovered little known, simple to learn techniques that took me from clumsy, to having massive confidence at sea. It only took months. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m not more gifted than average. It’s the techniques that made it quick and easy for me and so many others.


Now after 18 years of kayaking experience I want to share these skills with you because this is not something you will find anywhere. And I think they are the most important to learn, not only for staying in control, but also for experiencing the joy of moving with the natural force.


I know I wouldn’t have the competence I have without these techniques.